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Corporate & Government Bug Sweeps Technical and Electronic Bug Sweeps

Spy shops is a national provider of technical and electronic “bug sweeps” providing bug sweep services to corporations, government agencies, and residential private clients protecting them against the risk and threat of eavesdropping bugging devices. Our highly trained technical operators have the highest qualifications and backgrounds from the military and federal law enforcement. Years of technical experience and cutting-edge technology to conduct bug sweeps and bug sweeping services across the country.  Our company is trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and high-profile clients across the country to protect their privacy and communications against technical eavesdropping threats and attacks.


encryption services

Why Should I Use Kryptkey?   Recent news events demonstrate how common phone call interception can be. Rupert Murdoch, News of the World PI used phone records and wiretapped  Espionage Remain alive and well kryptkey isSOX/FERPA/HIPPA/PCI compliant What is Kryptkey Unique key and  hard root coding no two encryption solution are a like. Calls are made to from a modified devices . Guarantees your privacy. Freedom to call anyone, anywhere, to any type of phone in the world. The K Phones Are Secure! Hardened and modified phones. Desk phones or cellular phones. Secure 256-bit AES voice/data encryption. Completely encrypted from the phone Kryptkey's  secure encrypted phoneTechnology used by Kryptkey operates with secure proven encryption systems: 256-bit AES with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, tested and verified . encrypted with 3 levels of encryption, in order to guarantee the impossibility of tampering 


The Threats Are Increasing

  •  The methods and identified techniques used to steal your business and personal information include telecommunications bugging, GSM bugging, concealed video cameras, audio recording devices, computer network and computer monitoring. The simplest methods are often employed and are usually identified first in any campaign of information theft from a target company or person. These include stealing and/or copying unattended confidential documents, intercepting confidential conversations, stealing and/or intercepting confidential office waste and visual intrusion. Maintainina high level of security is critical.

  • Full RF spectrum analysisDemodulation of all RF         transmissionspture RF signal lists and data
  • Detect active/non-active eavesdropping threats
  • Physical Inspection
  • Technical Inspection
  • Highest grade technology/also many different waives electro magnetic  sound laser micro Ect...